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At Aria Piano Teaching Studio, I use a variety of music study materials, including Alfred's Basic Piano Library, and Royal Conservatory of Music.  Here you will find some books I recommend to students of different ages and levels. 

Every student will have different goals.  Some are just beginning to learn piano, while others have taken lessons before and want to pick it up again.  Some may want to learn the RCM curriculum, or learn pop music they heard on the radio.  Some may even want to learn about theory, chords, and composition so that they can use it in music production.  Whatever your goal is, we can work together to customize your lesson plan according to what you want to learn.


Note: These links are for your reference only.  I am not affiliated with any of these book authors or sellers.  


P.S. If you would like to purchase any of these books while taking lessons with me, please ask me first and I will try to purchase it for you with my "teachers" discount!"

Beginner Levels


Rates for beginner levels are $30/hour.

Books for Children



Books for Young Adults, Adults, and Seniors

Books for ALL AGES

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RCM Levels


RCM level 1-3: $33/hour.

RCM level 4-10: $40/hour.